VW e-Golf electric Car Review

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A review of the latest VW e Golf with video from the Fully Charged Show

The 2017 VW e Golf has been completely revamped from its predecessor and Jonny Smith from the Fully Charged Show reviews its key features and performance in a test drive.

The key stats are:

35.8kWh battery

Range: NEDC 180 miles

…in reality, estimated by manufacturer…

120 – 130 miles…assisted by regenerative braking

Cost: from £27,000 including plug-in car grant

The car comes with everything you’d expect from a VW Golf and that’s because its been specifically designed not to be different. Its has all the technology you find in a standard Golf and virtually the same looks bar some blue detailing. It features options for different levels of regenerative braking on its normal drive mode and there are further Eco and Eco+ driving modes which restrict performance to increase range.

Sensibly priced, it is a car for the average VW Golf driver used to all the features of a Golf but with environmentally friendly electric drive.

Its excellent range from a modest capacity battery means that it will charge quickly and it is of course fully compatible with charge points supplied by EV Camel.