Are electric vehicles right for you and your business?

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Are electric vehicles right for you and your business?

Electric vehicles are not right for everyone however, there are many aspects you may be unaware of that will blow you away. With the current technology developing and all manufacturers offering better than ever before, electric vehicles may be right for you… so why not have a read of our What car dealers are open? and consider electric vehicles.

There are  a number of benefits you need to consider when you choose an electric vehicle.

EVs have a very low running cost when comparing them to diesel and petrol vehicles…but this is not the only financial benefit you will see from owning an electric vehicle.

100% electric vehicles will not require any fuel or road tax therefore a huge saving for you and your business as well as free parking in many car parks. When owning an electric vehicle in and around London you will find that you will not have to pay congestion charges as your electric vehicle is very environmentally friendly.

You can see a list of eligible vehicles here.

The government have a number of incentives for people that own an electric vehicle. The Workplace Charge Scheme for businesses can see you claim 75% of the total cost of the install of the charger for your electric vehicle. There is a maximum of £350 per socket as of 1st April 2020 with a maximum of 40 sockets per business.

You may be wondering about the prices of electric vehicles at this time and if the prices are rising. We can tell you that as the technology develops the price of EVs are decreasing. Different models will have different budgets. You could purchase the MG ZS electric brand new from £21,500 on a lease hire for roughly £250 per month for 48 months and this has a range of 225 miles. If you like the look of the Tesla models, you could purchase the Tesla Model 3 brand new from £35,000 on a lease hire for roughly £350 per month for 48 months with a range of 320 miles.

You may think an electric car is an expensive purchase but you have to look at the long term saving for you and your business. With no fuel, no road tax and government schemes to assist in the purchase of chargers for your business you will be saving all year round.

Everyone worries about the maintaining of a car and how much their vehicle will be to fix if anything was to happen. Amazingly, electric vehicles are very cheap to maintain, with less moving parts than a petrol or a diesel, electric vehicles are easy and cheaper to maintain. A full electric vehicle only has three main components; battery, inverter and the motor compared to a petrol or diesel which has over 10 major components that may fail and are expensive to fix.

So why not move faster than the current electric market and get your hands on a brand new or used electric vehicle for your business and experience all of the benefits mentioned above.

You could see a huge saving within six months of owning your electric vehicle helping to drive business overheads down.

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