EV Camel HomeCare

EV Camel offers you peace of mind with its support package for your home charge point


Responsive Customer Care

We provide a telephone response service in the event of you having problems with your charge point.


Additional two years warranty!

A 3 year maintenance package extends your warranty to include parts and labour for the first 3 years of your charge point.


Peace of Mind

We’ll support you on your car charging journey. If you need advice on anything to do with car charging just ask.

Domestic charge point maintenance service

£4.99 per month for the first 3 years or £149 if paid at the same time as the installation

We aim to give you peace of mind and to offer support for anything you come across in your transition to electric cars

If you’d like changes to your charge point, want it moving if you extend your home, accessories supplied and/or fitted, or anything else, we offer our EV Camel HomeCare customers discounted rates.

If you’d like us to service and maintain your charge point, even if installed by another company or of any manufacturer then EV Camel are the people to contact.

To find out more about

EV Camel Homecare call us on 01522 412312 or