Commercial Charge Point Operation and Maintenance

EV Camel offers a full range of operating and maintenance options for EV Charge Points


Planned and Responsive Maintenance

Although our installations are first class, things can go wrong after a while – units can get damaged or worn requiring a response to keep the charge point operational.


Back Office Financial Management

We offer VendElectric as a service for our customers to collect revenues from the charge points.

Our packages are tailor made for each of our customers:

Annual Check – we offer an annual safety and performance inspection, including testing the operation of each charge point.

Responsive Service – we will respond to any problems with assistance on the phone and then visit to resolve any problems if required.

Our packages can include both labour and parts as well as our response service, please ask and we will design the right maintenance service package to suit your needs.

A 3 year maintenance packages start at £19.75 per month (excl. VAT) for up to 4 charge points, (excluding VendElectric).

With VendElectric, we look after all aspects of collecting money from your charge point users. We make payments to you on a monthly basis so that you maintain track of usage and your EV Charge Point investment.

With your new charge point you are part of the new charge point revolution. We will assist you to promote this through our website and social media channels as appropriate for your business.

If we didn’t install your charge point, don’t worry we are still able to offer a maintenance service.

To talk to us about our operating and

maintenance services call us on 01522 412312 or