eFIXX Left “Thoroughly Impressed” With Rolec WallPod EV Charger Review

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eFIXX – Independent Industry Experts

eFIXX provide great online content for electricians and electrical contractors on their online platforms. Recently, Gary and Joe from eFIXX have released a review on their YouTube channel, which featured the Rolec WallPod electric vehicle charger.

ROLEC: Quality, Reliability & Innovation

With over 125,000 EV charging points already manufactured and supplied, Rolec boasts as providing high quality EV chargers at competitive prices, which explains the ever-increasing popularity of the brand.

Product Reviewed: Rolec WP1140

The Rolec WallPod EV charger reviewed was the 7kw / 32Amp mode 3 charger version with a tethered cable and type 1 plug (charging gun). The unit is approved for use with the UK government OLEV charging scheme.

eFIXX Left “Thoroughly Impressed”

The eFIXX team, as featured in the YoutTube video approached the Rolec WallPod EV charger as self-professed “newbies” – they admitted that they were curious about the product as they have never examined it inside-out before. After providing a comprehensive review of the Rolec EV WP1140, the eFIXX team outlined that the product left them “thoroughly impressed”.

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