Electric Vehicle Charge Points: Rand Farm Park Case Study

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Electric vehicles are on their way to becoming the mainstream choice of new vehicle purchases.  Businesses are starting to acknowledge this change by investing in the facilities needed for their customers, however investment is sporadic, particularly in rural counties such as Lincolnshire.

EV Camel has installed a fast electric vehicle charging station at Rand Farm Park to meet and exceed the expectations of their visitors.  This is intended to be the first in a network of public charge points across Lincolnshire.

‘The intention is to create a network of charge points across Lincolnshire at destinations and waypoints so that EV driving business and leisure visitors have the confidence to continue to come to the area.  Visitors need to know that there are recharging facilities across the County.” Richard Jones Managing Director of EV Camel adds,  “Over time as use of the charge point network increases, our network will give confidence to others to invest in the facilities that EV drivers require.”

For Rand Farm Park, the view is that “the majority of our people are arriving in cars – which means that we are very pleased to have this opportunity to offer them something where they can charge their electric cars now and as demand increases over the coming years.” – Joshua Waring of Rand Farm Park.

The move to electric cars is a time of rapid change. Councillor Colin Davie of the Lincolnshire County Council elaborates:

“The key issue is making sure that we are equipped for the future – there is a lot of rapid change taking place. Now technology is driving so much of electric vehicles are going to be one of the big issues for a big rural county like Lincolnshire.”

“If we are going to be a success in this county and we are going to drive the tourism, economy in the way we wish, we are going to need to make sure that there are enough electric charging points to enable electric vehicles to travel freely across our county to our beautiful coasts and our beaches.”

It is the ability for people to drive around the County that creates the opportunity for business. Whether you are a hotel or major visitor attraction where people stay overnight, or whether you’re a restaurant, garden centre or smaller visitor attraction, where people stay for an hour or so – you definitely have the opportunity to offer electric vehicle charging.

Lydia Rustling, CEO of Visit Lincoln, agrees with the above sentiment and thinks that competing on a national and international stage is absolutely important to have the quality facilities to match the visitor expectations.

EV Camel helps by offering your clients the facility of EV charge boards to encourage them to visit you rather than your competitors.

Through your own investment or through one of our financing options you can differentiate your business by offering fast electric car charging.

EV Camel is here to help you with design, funding, installation, operation maintenance, revenue collection and much more!

Watch the Rand Farm video today to see the park and interviews in action.

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