Energy Customers Let Down by Smart Meter Rollout Delay

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The UK Government’s decision to extend energy suppliers’ deadline for rolling out smart meters is another example of how it is letting the ‘Big Six’ electricity companies off the hook.

The installation of smart meters is vital to us all having control of our electricity usage, and it’s rather telling that smaller companies such as Octopus and Bulb can install meters more quickly than the Big Six to help their customers benefit from innovative flexible tariffs.

Many of the Big Six are dealing with complaints as a result of poor customer service and, interestingly, this week SSE sold part of its business to Ovo – which will hopefully improve the situation for many of its existing customers.

We cannot stress enough the importance of getting smart meters installed; we are seeing that homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of flexible tariffs, and if the large companies do not roll these out quickly – along with the required smart meters – they can expect their customers to continue to flock in their droves to the smaller companies.

Energy providers may have four more years to roll out smart meters, but we’re calling on the Big Six to do everything they can to install them for every customer on their books sooner rather than later.