Government announces increased support for electric cars

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Government announces plans to help boost take-up of ultra low emission cars

Whitehall has today published its strategy to expand green infrastructure across the UK, to help reduce emissions from vehicles already on the roads, and drive forward uptake of zero emission cars, vans and lorries.

One of the drivers for change is a recent study by Unicef revealing that 1 in 3 children in the UK are growing up in areas with dangerous air pollution levels. Exposure to PM2.5 and NOX is also linked to 40,000 premature deaths every year.

Entitled the Road to Zero Strategy, the Government’s proposals include a boost for electric car charge points to be installed in new homes and a £400m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund.

The strategy also includes the development of a £40m programme to develop low cost wireless and on-street charging technology, and to continue the £500 incentive for electric vehicle owners to put in a charge point in their home.

‘The coming decades are going to be transformative for our motor industry, our national infrastructure and the way we travel. We expect to see more change in the transport sector over the next 10 years than we have in the previous century,’ said Chris Grayling, secretary of state for transport.

‘The Road to Zero Strategy sets out a clear path for Britain to be a world leader in the zero emission revolution – ensuring that the UK has cleaner air, a better environment and a stronger economy,’ he added.

Richard Jones of EV Camel commented that ‘the continuation of the home charge scheme for installing charge points is welcome but one of the key factors for success will be getting charge points installed in places where car owners visit in order to give them the comfort that their journey will be possible.

‘The idea of increasing the workplace scheme to match the funding of the home charge scheme is also a great idea and we hope that this is implemented quickly.

‘All help from the Government in this regard its welcome – the target of half of new cars being low emission types by 2030 is welcome – we are looking forward to seeing manufacturers deliver the new electric and hybrid cars they are promising in sufficient numbers to achieve this target.