Jaguar I-Pace Electric Car Review

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A review of the new Jaguar I-Pace with video from the Fully Charged Show

Jaguar are one of the first high end, mainstream car manufacturers to launch their full electric vehicle which is designed to really give Tesla a serious challenge. Jonny Smith from the Fully Charged Show reviews its key features in a review covering its attributes.

The key stats are:

  • 90kWh battery
  • Range: WTLP 298 miles

…in reality, estimated by manufacturer…

  • up to 290 miles…and assisted by regenerative braking

Cost: from c.£63,000 including plug-in car grant

The car comes packed with features including regenerative braking, the use of heat pump technology to control battery temperature and hence battery life…and all the usual feature you’d expect in a Jaguar.

Whilst it is shorter than its fossil fuelled equivalent, it has more room inside as the wheels are further apart due to the smaller physical size of its two engines.

Its excellent range from a good capacity battery means that it will charge quickly and it is of course fully compatible with charge points supplied by EV Camel.