Nissan Leaf Electric Car Review

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A review of the 2018 Nissan Leaf with video from the Fully Charged Show

The 2018 Nissan Leaf has been longly anticipated and Robert from the Fully Charged Show reviews its key features and performance in a drive on Tenerife.

The key stats are:

  • 40kWh battery
  • Range: NEDC 235 miles

…in reality, estimated by manufacturer…

  • 168 miles and up to 200 miles urban…assisted by regenerative braking

Cost: £22,790 including plug-in car grant

The car comes packed with features including their innovative e-pedal which controls acceleration and braking to provide the regenerative braking. It also has its ProPilot which can keep you centred, cover blind spots, speed up, slow down and bring you to a halt in traffic jams. There is also an assisted parking feature and many other technological gizmos such as Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Its excellent range from a modest capacity battery means that it will charge quickly and it is of course fully compatible with charge points supplied by EV Camel.