Renault Zoe Electric Car Review

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A review of the Renault Zoe with video from the Fully Charged Show

The Renault Zoe has been significantly upgraded in the most recent iteration…

The key stats are:

  • 41kWh battery
  • Range: NEDC 240 miles

…in reality estimated by manufacturer…180 miles in summer and 120 miles in winter

  • Cost: starts at £18,420 including plug-in car grant

In their latest offering of this car Renault try to sort out two key issues – the high cost and the issue of range. It does both of these quite successfully with a practical range of up to 180 miles. The cost is also much more affordable but it does involve leasing the battery.

This is a small car, similar in size to a Volkswagen Golf and it comes with a host of gizmos and gadgets as standard and is fully compatible with EV charge points from EV Camel.