TESLA Model 3 revealed ahead of schedule

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The Tesla Model 3 along with its WLTP range has been revealed ahead of time showing the look of the vehicle, as well as the official pricing.

If you love Tesla cars and don’t want to wait long, you don’t have to. The order books for the Model 3 have already opened and are going on sale in 2019.

Although this has been revealed, there are a few preparations that still need finetuning. This could mean that deliveries aren’t expected until the middle of 2019, or towards the end of that year as production of the right hand drive version is still yet to commence.

Tesla pride themselves on “quickest acceleration and long range”.

The industry is growing fast. It is therefore important that both manufacturers and consumers keep up with this change.

Tesla are doing just that by looking to launch an entry-level version of the car costing £30,000 further down the line. This will add to the already existing long-range version that are expected to start around £50,000. This will be reduced when the Government incentive has been applied  to £46,500.

The light vehicle test procedure (WLTP) range is impressive.. These vigorous tests have rated the car at being capable to achieve 338 miles of range on a single charge.

A handful of the public had the pleasure in enjoying taking in the first glances of the model whilst on display at Park Royal and Manchester stores.

Are you keeping up with the changes? We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the changing landscape.

With the continuous development of the electrical car industry, it is important that we keep up with this changing journey.

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