We’re Powering History at the Bomber Command Centre

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We’re thrilled to have installed a new charge point for electric vehicles at the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) in Lincoln, which can benefit visitors who are learning about Lincolnshire’s aviation history.

This is the second public-facing electric vehicle fast charging location we have installed in the county, following the first at Rand Farm Park last year.

Visitors to the IBCC can now use the 22kW super-fast charging socket installation – among the fastest public charge points available in Lincolnshire.

Nicky van der Drift, Chief Executive of the IBCC, said: “The environment has always been hugely important to us. For example, the installation of green energy solutions such as solar and air source heating has reduced the centre’s impact on the climate.

“These electric vehicle charging points help to strengthen our commitment to preserving and protecting the environment and we look forward to developing this element of our contribution in the future.”

We’re really pleased to be supporting the IBCC with its ongoing sustainability efforts and, as has been proven so far at Rand Farm Park, our charging facilities are used not only by visitors to places such as the IBCC but also by those travelling through Lincolnshire, meaning venues benefit from increased passing trade.

It comes at a time when areas that are high in visitor traffic are expecting a rise in demand for electric vehicle charge points owing to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles in the UK.

According to recent figures, registrations of plug-in cars have increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 220,000 just halfway through 2019.

The amount of people saying that they expect to buy an electric vehicle (EV) as their next purchase has also doubled since August 2018, so the need for these charge points isn’t showing any signs of diminishing.

The City of Lincoln Council recently became the second local authority in Lincolnshire to declare a climate emergency and people appear to be taking climate change more seriously.

In the coming years, we plan to install a network of charge points at even more visitor attractions and hotels across Lincolnshire.

As usage of and demand for charging points increases, we hope that networks such as ours will give other businesses the confidence to invest in the facilities that drivers of electric vehicles require – charging the way for the future of travel.

To find out more about the recent EV surge, click here or call and speak to a member of our team on 01522 412312.