Western Power Distribution Electric Vehicle Strategy

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The Electric Vehicle Strategy is introduced by Western Power Distribution to define and plan for the efficient adaptation of the EV infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Strategy has been introduced by WPD (Western Power Distribution) after a thorough process of consulting and working with government authorities, fuel station operators, builders, vehicle manufacturing companies, fleet operating businesses and Local Energy Partnerships. The strategy is set to pave the way for the adoption of new electric vehicle technologies to be translated into everyday society efficiently and in a positively predictable manner.

Paul Jewell, Policy Manager at Western Power Distribution stated that “On average, an electric vehicle (EV) uses the same volume of electricity as a domestic house. At WPD we’re used to designing networks for housing so it’s a case of adapting our existing methodologies to ensure EV charging can be accommodated in the most efficient and economic way.”

There are multiple important factors, which are influencing the state of the EV industry as a whole, some of which are price, operational range and the availability of EV charging points at any given area. There is an ever-increasing demand for EV charging points in areas, which do not offer off-street parking, which falls under the strategic umbrella of developing the right future-proof infrastructure to accommodate EV’s at a rapid rate.

Everything from connections to super 130kW rapid electric chargers are covered by the Electric Vehicle strategy.

In addition, an area that will be significantly affected by the switch to EV’s and low carbon emission infrastructures will be the domestic cabling industry. Thus, suggesting an ever-increasing demand in solar panel and other renewable energy systems is setting the standard for the modern homes and business venues to have such solutions fitted as standard.

Official estimates suggest that approximately 217,000 chargers will be connected to the WPD network by 2023. The pressure put on switching from petrol engines to meet the 2040 deadline results in an impressive estimate of more than 3 million EV’s connected to the WPD infrastructure by the year 2023. Paul Jewell stated: “We do not want today’s purchasers of new properties to be faced with service upgrades in the future because we did not think ahead.”

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